Monday, January 7, 2013

Will you cry for a Kaiju?/ Allez-vous pleurer pour un Kaiju?

Quand on voit le trailer, on se dit que les kaijus sont des monstres horribles à éliminer rapidement. Cependant, c'est mal connaître GDT, et sa propension à nous faire aimer les monstres...Serez-vous touchés par les kaijus?

When we see the trailer, we think that kaijus are horrible monster...But GDT is well known to make us love monster. Will you be touched by Kaiju's fates?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glados voice is a tribute to portal

Sorry, I was on vacation...GDT explained why he uses Glados voice (Ellen McLain) in Pacific Rim: "I wanted very much to have her, because I'm a big Portal fan," del Toro said. "But just as a wink. She's not cake-obsessed." The final voice will be slightly different, less computer processed, but Guillermo Del Toro has Valve's authorization to use Glados voice.