Kaijus (ENG)


Confirmed informations

According to GDT at CCNY, there will be 9 different Kaiju, each one with it own personnality and abilities. 40 different Kaiju has been designed, then they chose 9. There will be different type: sea Kaiju, flying Kaiju...but no "legendary Kaiju" (such as Godzilla). One of the Kaiju will vomit corrosive magma-like liquid.

This pic is from an old Godzilla movie,
and is not related  to Pacific Rim Kaijus,
but make me laugh everytime I see it
According to some viewers of CCNY, we could see in the teaser on crab-like Kaiju, with house-size claws. On Deltorofilms, a viewer also speaks about a shark-faced Kaiju in the teaser.

DelToro gave more informations:

”The Kaiju are created as perfect traps. They’re not carbon-based organisms. They’re silicon-based organisms. It takes a while to figure out something that is not carbon-based. They decompose and release an agent called Kaiju Blue that completely destroys the cities, makes air impossible to breathe and their blood is completely acidic.”

GDT gave more informations about how army and scientiste dealt with it:"So they figure out that the base of fluid of the Kaiju is ammonia-based. So how do they neutralize it? But it takes a while because, first of all, it melts the pavement, melts the structures around it, makes a noxious gas. By the time they get to a Kaiju, the first few attacks, they can't even get samples or corpses or pieces to analyze it. The Kaijus are essentially triggered to self destroy if they fall. So it's a very smart weapon. "

Kaijus come from a breach in the Pacific. This breach is a dimensional portal. We will see Kaiju's dimension in the movie.

The Breach

About the design, GDT gave more informations at NYCC:

"We tried to design them so that they feel steeped in the tradition, but not like any kaiju you've ever seen. We didn't want to make homages."

Dead Kaiju. Aircraft carrier: USS John C. Stennis, 332.8m X 76.8m (source: Empire)

At least 4 kaijus known (maybe 5, we don't know if the dead Kaiju is one of those we've seen in the trailer).

"Axe-head" (San Francisco, First attack, official name: Trespasser)

"Shark-head" (sea) - not the official name

Tokyo Kaiju

"Goblin"(not the official name)

"Big-Mouth"(not the official name) - Asian City (HK or Tokyo?)

Non confirmed informations (rumors)

Here some informations from the initial scripts (high probabilty that it changes a lot!):
- Kaiju got their own universe, the Anteverse
- Kaiju are ranked in 5 categories: Weakest are category 1, strongest category 5

Tengu: A horrific skein of dozens of viper heads on long sinuous necks erupting from a body like a naked bat

Pharao: Something between a scarab and a bull, with vicious mandibles and long horns like a rhino beetle

Scunner: Beige-hued skin lends it a disturbingly human look; but grotesquely misshapen, joints bulging and twisted. A skull-like face, jaws over-crowded with jagged teeth

I don't think we will see this Kaiju, because they are too close to traditionnal Japanese Kaiju.


  1. Could that dead Kaiju on the aircraft carrier (as seen above) possibly be the shark-faced Kaiju that was seen in the trailer shown at SDCC?

    1. No its real name is knife head the kaiju on the ship is scunner

  2. I am pretty sure it's this one! The footage with the shark-faced Kaiju at CCNY also shows San francisco destruction!

  3. Any news on full body views of these kaiju? The shark looking kaiju has me curious on what it looks like on dry land.

  4. Wondercon trailer posted online now. New kaiju and images.

  5. There's no Tokyo Kaiju. At least in those pics.
    If there's someting in that way, why the pilots are shooting in the other way?

    1. Yes, there is a kaiju in tokyo, but in the movie is just a girl remenber it

    2. in the movie it vaguely resembled a crab.

  6. that tokyo picture is only mountain...
    that kaiju shud be look like crab kaiju

    1. maybe its a shrimp kaiju?hehehe

    2. The Tokyo Kaiju isn't the area zoomed in, the real Kaiju is behind the little girl called ''Mako''.