Jaegers and pilots (ENG)



Known Jaeger
According to GDT at CCNY panel, there will be 6-7 different Jaeger. They wil have different weapons (melee weapons and heavy weapons), and rocket punches.
As it takes a very long time to reload munitions (and it is impossible to reload during a battle), there will be weapons such as knives/swords.
GDT wants that each robot gets his own personnality, and that the viewer feels when the Jaeger is severed or when it wins.

Jaeger are a German/US creation, with swedish engines. They are based on existing technologies. By example, the Re-net technology, used to move prothesis for severed people using neural links, is currently existing and developped by DARPA, a US military research agency. Namecode of the project: "Pittsburgh Project".

A Jaeger Weapon: Plasma Canon 
"We took a lot of reference from giant machines. We took photographs of the most massive airplanes, ships, some airplanes that are so massive that they never took off. We took all those stills from real machines, and part of that was giving them names like pilots give to their ships." GDT

Ellen MacLain (GlaDOS in Portal) will be the voice of Jaeger's AI.

The power of each Jaeger limb will be measure in "Muscle strand", a measure like horse power.

Gipsy Danger

US Jaeger: Gipsy Danger (Mark 3)

Presumed the main Jaeger in the movie. We see it in most of the posters.

Presumed pilots: Raleigh and Yancy Beckett (Charlie Hunnam and Diego Klattenhoff), then Raleigh and Mako Mori (Rinko Kinkushi)

Striker Eureka - Chuck Hansen

Australian Jaeger: Striker Eureka (Mark 5)

"The most advanced battle machine ever assembled: the biggest, fastest and strongest Jaeger ever to walk the earth."

Pilots: Herc and Chuck Hansen (Max martini and Robert Kazinsky)

Cherno Alpha - Russian suit (female)

Russian Jaeger: Cherno Alpha (Mark 4)

Pilots: Aleksis Kaldanovsky (Robert Maillet) and Unknown (Heather Doerksen)

Details here!

Crimson Typhoon - 3 pilots

Chinese Jaeger (Hong Kong): Crimson Typhoon (Mark 4)

According to some people who have seen the teaser at Comic Con, it will be red and ultra-modern. Three arms.

Pilots: Unknown (3)

Coyote Tango

Japanese JaegerCoyote Tango (Mark I)

Details here!

Tacit Ronin (Mark 1?) and Diablo Intercept (Mark 2) will be based in Lima.

In an interview, GDT said that there will be 4 main Jaegers: US, Australian, Russian and Chinese, but we will see, in one way or the other, 7 jaegers: the 4 main, and the Japanese jaeger, the first US jaeger, and a German Jaeger.

GDT explained that it takes months to build a Jaeger, and billions of dollars. They need a few fight hours to be totally ready. Everything will be explained in the "Bible".


GDT explained at Comic Con (about.com) that pilots name their robot. So the name of the robot depends of the pilots origin.

GDT gave explainations about piloting: two pilotes are in a cockpit in the head of the robot. Each pilot control one hemispher (neural complexity is two strong for only one pilot). Pilote's souvenirs merge during sync phase. GDT confirmed that he will show what happens if one of the two pilots is not able to control the Jaeger. Most of the time, pilots are sibligs (father/son, brothers, husband/wife), due to the mental harmony required to pilot.

Pilots in the head of the Jaeger

Inside the pod in the cockpit. Pilots connect to the sort of
harness with "spinal backplane", apart of their suit
with a synaptic connexion

Pilots in action
Neural bridge
Spinal synaptic connexion phase I
Spinal synaptic connexion phase II

To be able to pilot the Jaeger, pilots are trained to close combat.

 More pics on kastorskorner

Pilots have a special equipment: in their suit, there is a spinal backplane, for a synaptic connexion with the Jaeger. They also have special boots which allow them to feel the ground under Jaeger's feet.For more suit pics, click here!

Gravity helmet -
Automatic adjustment to the gravity
Synaptic connexion
in the spinal backplane
Corps - with a
Drift Stream Recorder
Boots - To feel ground pressure
under Jaeger's feet

More pics on kastorskorner

The pilots

Beckett Brothers

(Charlie Hunnam and Diego Klattenhoff)

Raleigh and Yancy Beckett. We don't which Jaeger they pilot (presumed Gipsy Danger). Yancy will die during a fight.

Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori

(Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi)
After his brother's death, Raleigh will work with Mako Mori, a young untested Japanese pilot. We don't know what will be their Jaeger (presumed Gipsy danger)

Hansen father and son

(Max Martini and Rob Kazinsky)

Herc (father) and Chuck (son) Hansen pilot the Australian Jaeger, Striker Eureka

Chinese pilots (Hong Kong)

Unknown. Three pilots, Crimson Typhoon.

Aleksis Kaldanovsky and his wife, or daughter

(Robert Maillet and Heather Doerksen)

Russian pilots

Stacker Pentecost?

We don't know if he will pilot in the movie, but we see him in Jaeger suit in several pics. He's English, and maybe one of the pilots named in the leaked English memo.

Some fans think that he could be Coyote Tango's pilot, but we have absolutly no clue to think this.

Non Official Concept art (Fake)

Source: Delphine Lin portfolio. Mock Up of Gypsy Danger for a proof concept.

"That is NOT G. D. it's probably just a mock up for a proof concept" GDT


  1. The Wonder Con trailer has new images of the Jaegers to add to this page. :)

  2. Latin American Jeagers are Tacit Ronin y Diablo Intercept, from Santiago of Chile base, called Lima for L (militar notation), not peruvian city...

    1. I am so sorry, but that's not true. Lima Shatterdome is located in Lima, Peru. Please check Pafic Rim wiki and futher documents in it.

    2. pero capas que en ese año chile se quedo con el lima shatterdome jaja y en todas partes dice que son robots chilenos

    3. Eso porque los chilenos lo hacen viral, pero todos los Shatterdomes son basados en nombres de ciudades (hay como 8). Mas los Jaegers son los que tienen la notación militar. Chile financió los Jaegers, pero el Shatterdome está en Lima, Perú. Eso ya está indicado oficialmente, además que de seguro saldrá en la famosa Biblia de Pacific Rim. Ahi nos sacaremos al 100% el clavo :)

    4. El Lima Shatterdome es pagado conjuntamente por los gobiernos de Colombia, Ecuador, Peru y Chile ..... es un proyecto comun latinoamericano. lean bien el wiki.

    5. The shatterdome is in Lima, Peru. Because if you see, every shatterdome is in the sea/coast.Like Panama city or Tokyo and Los Angeles. They most be near the Pacific sea they most build it near the sea because off the attacks off the kaijus. And Santiago Chile is not that near like Lima Peru is to the Pacific Ocean.

      El Shatterdome esta en Lima, Peru. Porque si vez, TODOS los shatterdome estan en el mar/costa. Como Panama city o Tokio y Los Angeles. Los shatterdome tienen que estar construidos en la "orilla" del mar para estar listos de cualquier ataque. Y Santiago no esta tan cerca a la "orilla" como Lima lo esta.

  3. Stacker Pentecost was one of Coyote Tango's pilots. his partner died of cancer due to radioactive core of the Jaeger

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