Monday, December 17, 2012

Dans la vraie vie: interface cerveau machine/IRL: brain-machine interface

Un article intéressant d'un grand succès médical de l'Université de Pittsburgh, un des centres de recherche leader dans le domaine de l'interface cerveau/machine....Quand la réalité rejoint la fiction...A noter: il semble d'après le document français PPDC que la construction des Jaeger soit appelée projet Pittsburg. GDT fait attention aux details!

An interesting article about a huge brain-machine interface success from Pittsburgh University, one of the leading research center in this area...When reality joins fiction. We can notice that in the French PPDC, the namecode for the Jaeger construction seems to be "Pittsburgh Project". GDT pays attention to details!
Vous pouvez trouver un article d'introduction en Français ici.

Here a complete article in English.

"We implanted two 96-channel intracortical microelectrodes in the motor cortex of a 52-year-old individual with tetraplegia. Brain—machine-interface training was done for 13 weeks with the goal of controlling an anthropomorphic prosthetic limb with seven degrees of freedom (three-dimensional translation, three-dimensional orientation, one-dimensional grasping)"

"The participant was able to move the prosthetic limb freely in the three-dimensional workspace on the second day of training. After 13 weeks, robust seven-dimensional movements were performed routinely".

"The participant was also able to use the prosthetic limb to do skilful and coordinated reach and grasp movements that resulted in clinically significant gains in tests of upper limb function. No adverse events were reported."

Source: the Lancet

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