Thursday, December 13, 2012

New HD pics! And some explainations.

Here some HD pics and some explainations and theories about these pics.

Pics are from the websites cinemavine.

Raleigh, Mako and Stacker. Who's the third?

Have we find Charlie Day in a Kaiju attack?
Launch of the Russian Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
More details...We can see the "Anchoring point"
Cherno Alpha rises...Background: Crimson Typhoon, the HK Jaeger
Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon. We can clearly see the red color, and the "double arm"
Door of the cockpit
And in the cockpit! N°5, Striker Eureka?
Can these two guys be Crimson Typhoon pilots? Red suits!
The star of the trailer: the old-fashion Gipsy Danger
Gipsy Danger smash! 3 for third Jaeger?
Gipsy Danger under the rain...and rebuild? Watch the rear of the head!

Still walking...

Look at the size of the humans!

Missing arm

Big is the pilot in the damaged part of the cockpit?
Problem of urban fights

Glorious Gipsy Danger

Watch on the right of the pic...

Horn Kaiju vs Gipsy Danger

Go Gipsy!

Jaeger trio: left background, Striker Eureka, the Aussie Jaeger; center: Cherno Alpha; Right: Crimson Typhoon! Not sure, but high tower on nthe background looks like a HK tower
Dead Kaiju. If this is USS Kennedy, length: 321m

Looks like he can do more than use pure strength...


VERY huge!

Gipsy Danger vs Shark-headed (horn-headed) Kaiju

New Kaiju

Also have some powers...

Beautiful claws!



Herc Hansen...Aussie pilot?

Cockpit...Striker Eureka?

This one looks like Robert Kazinsky (Chuck Hansen), but I'm not sure...
Father and son?

In action...

Not sure, but once again, looks like Robert...

Herc Hansen

Herc and Chuck?

Mako and Raleigh?

Rocket...(and a part of Kaiju)

...PUNCH! But look! Is it really the same scene?



Stacker Pentecost and trainees...

Sync (neural bridge)
Charlie Hunnam?

Those who reads this blog know who's this little girl, and what's happening.
The Breach
Shatterdome Anchorage, Alaska (Gipsy Danger shatterdome)


  1. Oui il s'agit bien de Charlie Hunnam à la 4e photo en partant du bas

  2. Merci je modifie! Je ne suis pas très physionomiste (pas du tout en fait, une vraie plaie au quotidien)

  3. you idiot.. all the pictures where they're wearing white suits are of Raleigh and Yancey when they're fighting Knifehead (or as you say, horn-headed kaiju) they're NOT father and son, but brothers. The first picture where you say "Herc?" is of Yancey, Raleigh's brother.. Goddamn.. get your facts straight before you start putting bogus captions on pictures.

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