Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pacific Rim: Cherno Alpha Blueprint!

Voici Cherno Alpha, le Jaeger Russe! (Cherno=Black in Russian)

Shatterdome: Vladivostok
Height: 84 m
Mark 4
System: Red Eye 9
Power: Stun Core 88
Launch date: 2018-07-04
Real head in the middle of the torso.
Weapon: Tesla Fists: tesla-coil infused fists that give electro-punches.

HD pic here!

Head: MGS112/Recharging Energy Cell: Storage container for energy for prolonged term movement/operation
Atmoscan (chest, where is the cockpit-2 pilots)
Z14 Tesla fists: Each fist contains Tesla cells, wich allows for formation of simultaneous electric arc impulse, with force up to 415kv into the structure of Kaiju.
Feet: Sharp spikes: Explosive type, stick into the ground to provide additional support to the mecanism. Located in one point during patrol/guarding.


  1. In the movie, they said that Cherno Alpha was the last of the mark 1 series, not a mark 4.

    1. Exactly, there must a complete mix up on the proper info for Cherno Alpha. They also said he was the oldest Jaeger too.

  2. no no, in the novelization cherno is a mark 4 but in the movie they decided to make him a mark 1, as to why they havent edited that. is beyond me