Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pacific Rim: Crimson Typhoon blueprint!

Voici le Jaeger Chinois (Hong Kong), le Crimson Typhoon! Avec ses 3 pilotes!

(Thanks ShanghaiShock form deltorofilms for specifications!)
Height: 89m
Shatterdome: Hong Kong
Mark 4
Launch date: 22/08/2018
  • 1: 28-Go: A cockpit that also serves as an observation deck, it utilizes liquid software in order to provide a smaller electrical output trail. The cockpit fits three pilots and also serves as a command center with telescopic abilities.
  • 2: 34R0111/STERNO: A cork like command center base that allows greater maneuverability on the Jaeger's head
  • 3:OSIH: Achilles shock absorber
  • 4: 11X///: 3 person jaeger control cockpit
  • 5: Electric-plasma Cannon (Its the text box with the words "cell-tip" and "anteverse" written in it): A cannon with portable multi-layer cell tip and anteverse encryption attatchments. This allows the cannon to have bio-recognition abilities that allow the cannon to focus on Kaiju bone structure.

  (full-sized pic here!)

Source Scifimethods

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