Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pacific Rim: Striker Eureka blueprint!

Here a pic of Striker Eureka, the Aussie-New Zealand Jaeger! Biggest, fastest, strongest than the other Jaeger.

  • Shatterdome: Sydney
  • Mark 5
  • Height: 104m
  • System: Arbiter 12 Tac-Conn
  • Launch time: 2 november 2019
  • Weapons: 
    • Anti-Kaijus Missile Chest Launcher
    • Assault Mount 3.25 "sting blades": Retractable blade gauntlets laced with carbon nanotubes that channel thermal energy
    • 4.211 "brass knuckles": highly temperature resistant brass and steel compound (8.11G) cast around joins of each finger extension, adding greatly to the impact potential of each punch
  • Details

    • Assault Mount "Sting Blades"
    • T-16 "Angel" Wings: Scapula mounted fin towers maintain aerodynamic balance during the turbulence of burst combat
    • 90RE21//Amber platinum visor shield: advanced photochromic display offering for planes of situational awareness
    • YY/escape hatch launchpod
    • Foot platform component HA/1
  • Energy core: X16 Supercell Chamber

(From Deltorofilms forum)

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