Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update: French Memo (with English translation)

French memo
 Ils parlent d'un réacteur EPR pour les Jaeger (pour le prototype)! They are speaking about a EPR reactor, a French Nuclear reactor, for the Jaeger! (for the prototype).

Complete translation in English at the end of the article.

Source: Allociné

EPR is a pressurized water technology. Here wikipedia's page about this technology!


26 July 2014
Attention: Dr Jasper Shoenfield office
Robotic Institute Carngie Meilon

Dear Dr Schoenfield,

We have checked your new proposal concerning the core of the "Prototype"'s reactor. Sorry for the late answer, but, as you can think, we never studied such a huge project.

We finally bypassed the administration slowness. Thanks to the PPDC generous funding, we are happy to announce that our EPR reactor 1650 Mwe production site - best performance in the market - base in ***** is ready, and early based on the previsionnal calendar. We are proud to promise to provide to the Pittsburgh project our whole production of pressurized water reactors from our sites based in **** and ****.

As we previoulsy spoke, the gigantic size of the double pedal mechanism needs a combustion core with at least (****) in order to maintain the locomotion and to feed the systems of *** and ***. The starting budget estimation is ****. We will have to discuss the feasibility.

We have the privilege to participate to the eradication  of the Kaiju threat, and to be able to move agin nuclear power in a hope dynamic, and not fear. The world count on you and your Prototype to warrant our survival. Good luck, and God bless you. 

Vincent Pascal, Director of the Agency.

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